Cheats And Tips For Newbies

Cheats And Tips For Newbies

The moment you download and install Growtopia, you may be wondering on how to learn and progress through the game fast. As a beginner, pixel games you have come to the right place. The following tips will be able to help you learn Growtopia fast and have fun while doing so:
* World Locks – also known as WLS, play an important role in the game. World Locks are vital since they enable the layer to lock their entire world, which is much better than growtopia hack a small lock or any other locks. However, World Locks can be used to purchase rare and special items. For example, to purchase devil wings, you will need 170 World Locks.

* Clothes – As a new player, you will immediately find clothes to be the best part of Growtopia. This is because gems guide they give each player a unique and cool look. Clothes can also be sold for world locks and other items.

* Trading, wrench, and punching – When playing, just tap on an item or block, and you will see yourself punch, this is referred to as punching. One cannot punch on clothing items. When you tap on your fits, it will turn into a wrench, which is referred to as Wrench. When you tap on the wrench and tap on another player, you will be doing trading.

* Door Codes – In the game, door codes are very important since one door links to another door. It is important that you get to understand how the doors work and learn their codes.
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* Mods – In Growtopia, there are two types of mods, which are named after the makers of the game, @Humumu and @Seth. The other mods in the game are guarding it to make it a better place.
These are some of the important features that you need to learn as a newbie. Other features include cursed, duct-taped, banned and also it is ideal that you learn about the type of scams. Scams are those player show will try and take all you have in a bad way for free. By learning these and more, you will become a profession Growtopian.

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