Options In Homescapes The Game

Options in Homescapes, the game

Homescapes taken inspiration from the Gardenscapes is one of the best to be launched in the market off late. The game is an instant hit among all the audience of various age groups, be it the 18 years old or the 6o years old. Moreover, the icing on the cake is that the game is from one of the best and biggest computers and mobile gaming corporations in the world, the Playrix headquartered at Russia. The company has been found in 2004 and started building games for computers now it has an employee strength of about 600 and has operations throughout the world. The company is known to deliver the best products with its best employees who work round the clock. The company now develops games that can be downloaded and played for free on mobile phones and tablets.
What are the options offered read more in Homescapes?

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Before one starts to play a game, few question always keeps arising in one’s mind, and one can’t keep running homescapes hack for a search or a help manual every time. These are the options that are provided by the game:
Skip option:
The game is based on a story, so as the player keeps playing the game the story keeps running in the background and if one doesn’t wish to watch what’s happening and proceed to the next levels quickly, the skip option can be availed.

Using power-ups:

The power-ups are the best options that any game can have. As the power-ups are the ones, who help the players to clear the levels faster by providing them with boosters.
The following are the power-ups provided in Homescapes,
• The rocket
• The rainbow balls
• The Bomb
• The paper planes

The rocket is the ones who get activated as one matches four tiles in the same row or column. If one clears the four tiles in a row, the rockets clear the other blocks vertically, and if the person clears the four tiles in a column, the rocket clears the other blocks horizontally. To put in simple words, the rocket acts the opposite directions of the feat achieved.

The bomb gets activated if one clears the tiles in an L shape. The bomb will clear the tiles around it in a square radius as it gets exploded. ‘

The paper plane gets activated when one matches four tiles in a row or column. The paper plane varies from a rocket in a manner that the paper plane can be used to target a tile that helps in clearing other obstacles or the other objects that prove to be a trouble like the cherries. The object of the same type gets cleared as one selects that tile’s object.

The rainbow ball as the name suggests works based on colors. The rainbow ball gets activated as one match five tiles in the same row or column and depending on the color of the tiles which are cleared; the rainbow balls clear the tiles which are of the same color in the entire puzzle and make the puzzle easier for the player to solve.

Using Homescapes hack and Homescapes cheat:

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Thus, remembering these points will make the gaming experience a memorable one.