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Month: July 2019

Get the Proper Info about Currency in Homescapes

In the gaming market, a huge number of games are added in regular time. In recent one of the top leading games is Homescapes. The game is based on casual gameplay, and millions of online users are active on it and get the real fun with home renovations. Different kinds of design tools are available in the game, and you have to use them for leveling up in it. The most concerning part of the game are the currency and the lack of currency is decreasing your performance in it. For more currency, you can choose Homescapes Cheats, and the cheats are virus free. The players no need to download cheats just uses it.

Details about in-game currency

Before any kind o task, you should know about the currencies, and in the game, two significant currencies are used namely coins, stars. The currencies are effective for many customizations and spend it on adding new designing tools. The players can read all about both currencies in this article.


Coins are the prime currency, and the main use is renovating various aspects of the game. The players have to collect many coins by completing tasks. You can easily purchase the boosters with it and add some new moves also.


Stars are especially for some premium tasks, and the players can also use it for furnishing. You will get much currency by various events, and we can also go with some smart tools like Homescapes Cheats.  

Jurassic World Alive! A new adventurous game on the Android platform


Playing offline or online always gives you an enormous amount of entertainment. Jurassic World Alive is also game which provides you good leisure activity on your mobiles. It includes the various types of dinosaur’s species which give you some jungle fun. However, you find some problem in playing the game according to the rules of the game then you also free to the Jurassic World Alive hack for the best support in playing the game.

This article will help you to learn something about the main aspects of the game, and you will find some assistance in playing the game, which is based on the findings on the real map.

Main objectives of the game

It is a game which is based on the findings of DNA in the real Mao of the world. You need to find the right species DNA of various dinosaurs in the game. Find as many as dinosaurs DNA to get the progress in the game.

Ways of collecting DNA

Collecting the dinosaurs DNA is one of the most critical works to do in this animal oriented game. You need to hit the dinosaur in the wild to collect the DNA. Swipe the screen after hitting an animal to get DNA of the dinosaurs to get the best progress.

Finally, it is a game which has beautiful graphics; every dinosaur in the game is beautifully portrayed in the game to get the real fun of the wild game. Although if you want more DNA of dinosaur, then you may also use the Jurassic World Alive hack to get the best results in the game.

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